AJACS Meetings

TC39 meeting, May 23-25, 2017, New York

As part of this meeting, Philippa Gardner presented a vision talk titled "Towards Trustworthy Verification of JavaScript"

TC39 meeting, March 21-23, 2017, Portland

Progress report on JSExplain by Alan Schmitt

Work week at Imperial College, February 20-24 2017

Alan Schmitt visited Imperial College for a week of work with Philippa Gardner, Thomas Wood, and Petar Maksimović. During the visit, Alan presented the current status of JSExplain. [slides]

TC39 meeting, May 23-25 2016

As part of this 3 days standardization meeting, Alan Schmitt presented the current work on JSExplain. [slides]

Verified Trustworthy Software Systems, April 4-7 2016

Event link

As part of this 4 days meeting, attended by several members of Ajacs, Arthur Charguéraud gave a talk on “An Interactive Debugger for the JavaScript Specification”. Here are the video and the slides.

Informal Workshop on Formal JavaScript, 23 March 2015, Inria Paris

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